A Glimpse Into a Day in The Life of a Range Marketing Employee

At the heart of the bustling city of Buffalo, there exists a dynamic IT company that has firmly cemented itself as the go-to agency for all things digital. Range Marketing, as they’re popularly known, has been providing exceptional digital services since 2013! I am fortunate to be part of this incredible journey and today, I’ll take you behind the scenes to experience a day in the life of a Range Marketing employee.


It’s a crisp Monday morning, and as always, the office is buzzing with energy. The day begins with a team huddle, where members share their tasks of the day. It sets the tone for a productive day and assures each one us that help is just a cubicle away!

Website Design Work:

As part of the website design team, I immediately jump into the task at hand – creating engaging and responsive websites for our clients that add value to their digital presence. The clients’ satisfied feedback makes all the dedication and focus worthwhile!

Range Marketing is not just about executing assignments, but also about innovating and improving. With over 400 clients served, our proprietary SEO software is a tool we developed to solve the unique challenges of digital optimization.

SEO Optimization and Social Media Management:

Thanks to the cutting-edge SEO software developed by our team, boosting search engine rankings for our clients becomes an achievable task. Meanwhile, another group of creative brains is busy brainstorming for the perfect social media campaigns that reflect the brand’s voice and reach the intended audience.

The Wrap Up:

A functional and effective day at Range Marketing concludes with a team review. Successes are celebrated, learning opportunities are highlighted, and motivations reinforced. After all, the strength of Range Marketing lies in its people – their extraordinary talent and relentless dedication to delivering top-notch digital solutions.

The day might end, but the pursuit to create, innovate, and make a difference, is a constant at Range Marketing. Feel invited to join us on this incredible journey; after all, it’s not just a day, but a life at Range Marketing!