Debunking Myths about Recreational and Medical Cannabis: A Closer Look

The world of cannabis – be it for recreational or medical use – is filled with myths and misconceptions. At Sacred Garden, education is as important to us as providing high-quality products. We’re here to give you the facts you need to make informed choices.

The Myth: Cannabis Affects All Users The Same Way

Different people can react differently to the same cannabis product. Individual tolerance, the specific type of cannabis used (Indica, Sativa or Hybrid), and consumption method (smoking, vaping, edibles etc) can all affect how a person experiences cannabis.

The Myth: Medical Cannabis is Just a Loophole for Getting Recreational Cannabis

Medical cannabis is prescribed by healthcare providers and is intended for treating specific medical conditions. The medicinal properties of cannabis can help manage symptoms like pain, nausea or anxiety in a variety of illnesses. This is not just a roundabout way for people to gain access to recreational cannabis.

The Myth: Recreational Cannabis is Just About Getting High

While many users enjoy the euphoric effects of cannabis, recreational use is not solely about becoming intoxicated. For some, it can promote relaxation, increase creativity, or enhance the enjoyment of certain activities. Plus, not all cannabis products necessarily result in a “high”.

At Sacred Garden, our dedicated team is here to answer any other questions you may have, while ensuring you have access to the best quality cannabis options for your needs. Clearing up these misconceptions is just the beginning – there’s so much more to learn about the world of cannabis. Let’s continue the conversation.