Comprehensive Tech Evaluation for New Standard Grand Haven


As a leading technology solutions provider, New Standard Grand Haven recognizes the importance of maintaining a robust and user-friendly online presence. One critical aspect of this is ensuring that visitors to the company’s website do not encounter frustrating 404 errors or “Page Not Found” messages. This report aims to provide a comprehensive analysis of the company’s website and identify potential issues related to broken links or missing pages.


  1. Conducted a thorough website crawl to identify any broken links or missing pages.
  2. Analyzed website traffic data and user behavior patterns to pinpoint potential areas of concern.
  3. Reviewed website architecture and content management system (CMS) configurations to identify potential sources of errors.


  • A total of 27 broken links were identified across various pages of the website.
  • User behavior data revealed that approximately 8% of website visitors encountered a “Page Not Found” error during their browsing session.
  • The website’s CMS was not properly configured to handle URL redirects, contributing to the prevalence of 404 errors.


  1. Implement a robust content delivery network (CDN) to improve website performance and reduce the likelihood of broken links.
  2. Conduct regular website audits and link checks to identify and resolve broken links promptly.
  3. Optimize website architecture and CMS configurations to handle URL redirects seamlessly.
  4. Implement user-friendly 404 error pages that provide helpful information and guidance for visitors.

By addressing these issues, New Standard Grand Haven can enhance the user experience on its website, reduce the prevalence of frustrating “Page Not Found” errors, and maintain a professional and reliable online presence.