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zombie weed seeds

Sweet Zombie is ideal for indoor growers and those trying to do a closet grow . However, Sweet Zombie also loves the outdoors and will have no problem with pests.

The masterminds at Expert Seeds crossed Zombie Virus and Black Domina to create Sweet Zombie. Each bud of this monster strain is drenched top to bottom in trichomes.

If you’re searching for a nearly pure indica that will knock your socks off, look no further than Sweet Zombie.


Thanks to Sweet Zombies indica roots, she stays short, and flowers fast. That means you’ll be able to enjoy Sweet Zombie’s blackberry and plum flavored buds in no time.

Although Sweet Zombie has a short stature, she can easily stack on bud after bud. That means you can expect a colossal yield no matter where you grow Sweet Zombie.

From the selection of one of our first genetic search works, an old Lavender Kush clone was pollinated by our brilliant Amnesia. From there a clone that we named “Sideral” was selected and we decided to pollinate it again later with our Bubba Kush.

Its vegetative cycle should be generous if we want to develop the full potential of its Indica demeanor. With a low EC both in the vegetative and the flowering cycles we will get spectacular results.

Its purplish colour scheme and the great quantity of trichomes that cover its large flowers would make this strain a key one for Kush flavor lovers.