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If you are 19 years old and older, you are allowed to buy medicinal cannabis but just like any province in Canada, you are only allowed to carry 30 grams of cannabis.

Valentine’s Day is the day to spread some love, why not pair this with some cannabis? First, pop a bottle of wine and toast with your lover. Second, buy a box of chocolates but make it weed-infused. Third, bring a bouquet of… cannabis because it counts as a flower. Last of all, celebrate Valentine’s with a little bit of weed.

What documentation is needed

The dominant tasting indica Black Hulk has a berry and peppery taste with a little pine and herb mix. It usually takes 8-10 weeks to flower which is longer than usual but it is what’s needed in order to reach its maximum growth. This is a good choice for those who want that sleepy effect and need a good night’s sleep especially with its THC levels going around 18-26%. Damn!

So let’s stick all stick with finding a friend to drive us, organizing another way of transport or not driving at all. In Saskatchewan, you can get your license suspended, your vehicle taken, receive financial penalties, and go through an impaired driving education if you are found driving while high. Your worst-case scenario would be receiving serious criminal charges if your THC levels reach 5 nanograms or higher. Again, let’s just stick to not driving when high.

This way, you will get an accurate detailed treatment plan and will allow you to obtain medical cannabis. Just make sure you follow your prescription, avoid sharing your prescription with others and store the medical cannabis in a safe place. Let’s not go downhill from there.

Cannabis (marijuana, weed, pot, bud, green, herb or flower), hash, extracts (honey oil, phoenix tears, shatter), edibles

Those who use cannabis should be aware of the health risks and take measures to avoid them. The following health risks are possible for anyone who uses cannabis heavily or regularly:

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However, the therapeutic uses of cannabis are associated with its ability to regulate (and manage):

How cannabis affects you depends on:

The cannabis sativa plant is native to tropical and temperate climates but is cultivated around the world.