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There are many places to buy cannabis seeds online, but not all of them are legit and deliver what you order.

Most plants have an indica-sativa mix, but are heavily weighted to one or the other.

Shipping can take a bit of time, but it’s reliable, so it’s a good tradeoff in our opinion.

It could be worse!

This means that autoflowering plants can be left to grow outdoors, which is very convenient for amateur growers and experienced growers who want some low-maintenance plants.

Their marijuana seeds have an 80% germination rate guarantee, so you should get results even if you’re brand new to growing cannabis. They also provide guides to help you ensure that your seeds have the best chance of surviving.

Even industrial hemp flowers, it's how it reproduces. What technically defines hemp from marijuana is thc content if i remember correctly.

the hemp is not hemp? yes its hemp. you're growing something with no thc. I'm not sure what you trying to accomplish here.

Yes you are right, to be honest I'm not 100 percent up on the science part but my parents farmed hemp for years, the seeds came from a licensed seed producer, we literally had truck loads of hemp seeds and literally not one of them would be a female, my theory is that since these came from Asia perhaps they were picked from a wild cannabis field ? I might be terribly wrong but who knows.