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winter weed seeds

To master the basic skills you can take a look at our blog ‘growing weed outdoors step by step‘.

To grow outdoors you don’t need anything else but high quality cannabis seeds that can withstand a (wind) blast. And a suitable place. Rain and sun will then do their job to let the plant grow.

Cultivating cannabis strains in cold climates

The Netherlands, a lot of European countries, many states in the USA and Canada have warm summers and mild winters. Because we don’t really have harsh winters anymore, this is not a very unfavourable climate to grow weed outside. It’s good to know that despite the fact that there are hardly any severe frosts, it’s wise to start growing outdoors only after the winter. So April and/or May. Then you have until about September/October to harvest. So it is important to choose fast growers. Then you know for sure that you can harvest within this period.

If you choose the wrong type of cannabis seeds, there is a good chance that the growth, and therefore the final harvest, will be disappointing or even fail completely. So the conclusion for outdoor growing in cold climates is that you choose cannabis seeds that are suitable for a cold climate for a successful harvest.

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Growing cannabis outdoors, as Mother Nature intended, is an extremely rewarding process. However, not everyone is fortune enough to live in a climate where the sun beats down all day and keeps the temperatures hot. Many growers have to contend with temperate climates, where heavy rain, strong winds, and cooler temperatures are common. Fortunately, there are cannabis strains that can be grown in such conditions, so we have put together a list of our hardiest, most resistant RQS strains to help you choose the best for your situation.

So, you’re looking for hardy cannabis strains? You’ve come to the right place. These 10 specimens laugh in the face of cold weather and will gift you with a fine stash to see you through the winter.

Somango XL is a cannabis strain we created to produce a classic, uplifting cerebral rush, without the risk of feeling tired or lethargic. Combining Somango x Critical 47, she also boasts an extreme resilience to adverse conditions, allowing her to contend with the less cannabis friendly weather seen in places like the UK or the Netherlands. She will grow up to 2m in height, with a production potential of 600g per plant in optimal conditions. Somango XL becomes ready for harvest towards the end of September.