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will zoysia grass seed kill out weeds

This is why it is so dense and effective at choking out most summer weeds and replacing existing grass. With our superior blend of zoysia, Amazoy®, you can plant a network of plugs in a new or existing lawn and it will grow into a lush, even, weed-free lawn within several growing seasons.

Zoysia is a particularly hardy grass that grows well in a wide range of conditions and requires far less watering and mowing than most grasses. At the same time, this “tough” grass creates a thick, soft carpet that feels great in bare feet. Zoysia is ideal because it actually grows differently. It sends out runners or “stolons,” expanding sideways more than it grows tall.

Zoysia thrives in heat and cold

There are very specific requirements for how deep to plant the seed, the amount of light it needs, and watering. It will be important to follow the seed planting instructions carefully for success.

Super Plugs are precut for you into individual 3" by 3" plugs that are ready to plant. They will arrive in easy-to-handle trays of 15 Super plugs.

To determine the pH of your soil, use a pH meter or soil testing kit. We offer an easy to use pH Meter and Soil Test Kit.

However, summer fertilization gives crabgrass a boost of energy, so it’s best to avoid this until the crabgrass is under control.

A few crabgrass plants may go unnoticed, and they can quickly turn into hundreds if they are not removed or sprayed.


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Crabgrass can withstand more severe drought conditions, poorer soil, and shorter mowing heights than zoysia. If a zoysia lawn is neglected, crabgrass will quickly take over as zoysia suffers.

Crabgrass is an annual weed that can put out over 150,000 seeds and 700 runners from a single plant (source natural lawn fertilizer to prevent the accumulation of chemicals in the soil from long-term use.