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will paraquat kill weed seeds agtalk

They wouldn’t have needed to spend $50 IF they had gotten after it before filling the weed seed bank with a century worth of seed.

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You mean like this, neighbor sprayed just roundup on left. I think a few of the seeds will find there way to my field.

If the Waterhemp are “tall” they likely already have seed in them.

If they had spent $9/acre on 3 oz of Valor applied pre emerge they would likely have reduced their TWH problem by 95%, possibly 99%.

You were fortunate. Paraquat can be lethal.

neb04 – 7/30/2017 11:38

If you’re considering a roll and crimp tactic on cover crops for weed control, here are considerations regarding an overall cropping plan.

He notes that the massive amount of biomass with late season termination is great for adding organic matter, but it does tie up early season nitrogen, which may require an early season application on corn. It can also increase damage from rodents and voles, as well as attract early season cutworms, although here, too, the cover crops can be a benefit.

Another weed control tool

In addition to weed control, those who opt for rolling and crimping are seeing substantial water management benefits. Flood irrigation is common in much of the Bootheel.

Perkins and his roll and crimp customers are using the practice not only on soybeans, but also on corn and cotton. Herbicides, in addition to the early burndown, increasingly consist of a banded residual over the row and an application of glyphosate or paraquat just before rolling or over the rolled covers to ensure they stay down. Timing is critical if applying before rolling.

“If the cover is still green when the corn is emerging, they will feed on it, and pressure on the corn won’t be as bad as a bare field,” says Perkins. “Plus, we also have more beneficials in the covers that help take out the cutworms. Slugs can be an issue in soybeans and may require changing the variety or the mix of cover crops or require terminating earlier.”