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Wildflowers are species of flowers that have shown themselves to be hardy and self-reproducing, with little attention from the gardener.   Although they will grow wild on their own, they are not necessarily native plants. Wildflower gardens are considered a low-cost alternative to high-maintenance gardening. Many wildflowers prefer poor soil and neglect, making them ideal for tough to maintain areas of your property.

Can a wildflower garden become established and continue to self-sow, without becoming too invasive? Actually, the perennials won’t bloom the first year and if you are hoping to enjoy the garden for years to come, an occasional overseeding will help to maintain the balance of plants. This can be done every couple of years or whenever you notice an imbalance, perhaps due to unfavorable weather conditions.

Preparing for a Wildflower Garden

The Spruce / Heidi Kolsky

Even a wild look requires some planning and effort. The good news is that most of the effort is in getting it started.

Once the plants are established they require very little care.

Get to know your flowers: sow a pinch of seed in a pot of compost. As the seedlings grow, check them against the ones emerging in the flowerbed and pull out the ones that don’t match.

Some weed seeds sprout rapidly, whizzing through their lifecycles to make more seeds and more weeds. Others can spread under, or above, the ground on long roots or stems. This means that different types of weed need to be treated differently, to prevent their spread.

There’s a whole host of information on Wikipedia about different types of weed control, which you may find useful.

Hints and tips

Weeds are just plants in the wrong place: basically anything you’re not trying to grow. Weeds compete with the plants you are trying to grow, which is why people spend so much time weeding – to give their plants the best chance to thrive.

So get rid of any brute that threatens to out-compete your flowers or steal their resources. If you can, try to avoid using weedkillers because they can harm the environment.

Find out more fascinating facts about weeds from our What Is A Weed Anyway? campaign

Find out more fascinating facts about weeds from our What Is A Weed Anyway? campaign