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where to buy wild weed seeds

A pure strain from the Ko Chang archipelago in Thailand, her THC levels are among the highest in the world. She’s highly prized by Thai growers who smuggle her into Bangkok despite the severity of the country’s penal system. This strain’s value derives from it being the result of continual interbreeding using the best examples of this Thai Ko Chang lineage undertaken over many years by the area’s expert growers; local inhabitants who have been cultivating it for generations. She’s one of Thailand’s most productive strains and has a relatively short flowering cycle for a pure Thai Sativa. Very vigorous, sometimes uncontrollable growth. If grown in a pot, leave plenty of room for the root zone to develop for optimum yields. Like the authentic Thai she is, her taste and smell will bring Asia to your palate while her effect will spirit you away to the indescribable temples of Bangkok.

This sativa strain hailing from Thailand’s Ko Chang islands. It grows large and very vigorous with numerous lateral branches. The taste is sweet, the smell is intense and the effect is powerful and often psychedelic.

As with many mostly or pure sativa varieties, Wild Thailand will keep the grower waiting but the 10 to 12 weeks it takes to finish is actually a big selling point.

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Greenhouse growers report the best yields by far. Other indoor setups need to be able to accommodate tall, branchy plants that will take up a considerable amount of space, both vertical and horizontal.

The effect of Wild Thailand is what one would expect from a high-quality, high-potency sativa. It produces an uplifting, energetic high that is great for increasing productivity and creativity. Better still, these seeds are feminised making them easy to handle and maintain.