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when weeds drop seeds

Thanks for sharing this with us, I never knew that the weed seed bank was so diverse. My husband and I have a little garden at the back of our house that we frequent. It really is nice to be a bit closer to nature in the inner city. We are also planting some flowers in the next few days.

Weed Viability of Buried Seed

Think of what one weed is capable of producing as subsequent generations also produce seed, millions of seeds! The true horror, however, is allowing seeds to accumulate in the soil. What is the average viability of the seed; that is, how long is a seed able to persist in the landscape? The table below shows the average number of years that some common species of weed seeds can survive and still germinate and grow:


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Cut weed plants to ground level with pruning shears or a lawnmower that has a mower bag. If you use a lawnmower, empty its mower bag into the trash immediately so that you do not inadvertently spread the weed seeds the next time you use the lawnmower.

Cut off weed flowers and seed heads using pruning shears, and dispose of them immediately. Cutting the flowers and seed heads rather than removing entire weed plants is ideal if you find weeds in your vegetable garden and don’t want to disturb your crops by yanking out whole weed plants. If the weeds contain large leaves that cover your plants, clip off all the weeds’ foliage so your crops receive more sunlight.

Weeds reproduce rapidly when they grow seed heads, and they can become an eyesore quickly as well as rob your garden and lawn of vital nutrients. Seed heads contain mature seeds that typically are spread by wind and insects. Ideally, weeds are removed before the appearance of their flowers that eventually release seeds. If some of them escape removal before they produce seed heads, they can be cut down. When you remove weeds with seed heads, you eliminate one of the biggest sources of weeds on your property.

Collect all of the cut weeds and seed heads with a rake, and dispose of them. Repeat the cutting process when the weeds grow and especially before they produce seed heads again.