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when do weed seeds sprout paper towel effect

Purchasing seeds online is the best way to get a good, reliable cannabis plant that will have the best chance of producing buds. You may find seeds in your regular product, but the chances are good that those seeds are either dead or dried out. Dry, old seeds are extremely difficult to germinate. Those seeds in your bag are probably pretty dark and dull looking, and that’s a sure sign that they are either dead, or old and dry. Healthy seeds bought online will look fresh and waxy, and that’s how you can tell that they are young, healthy and ready for germination.

The containers with the newly planted seeds should be kept in a warm area indoors. A plant heating pad can be placed underneath the soil containers to help warm them, or you can create warmth and humidity by cutting plastic soda bottles in half and placing them gently over the containers, creating a greenhouse effect. It’s important that the seedlings remain undisturbed, so resist the temptation to uncover them to check if they’re sprouting. You should see plant growth sprouting out of the soil somewhere between seven and fourteen days, depending on the strain and age of the seeds.

What Is Germination?

An easy way to accomplish this is by placing seeds between layered, moistened paper towels. It’s best to use real rainwater for this method, and if you live in a rainy area you can collect rainwater in any receptacle left outside. If you don’t get much rainfall where you live, you can substitute bottled, distilled water instead. Moisten the paper towels with the clean water, making sure that they are not sopping or dripping, and place the seeds between the layers.

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Many growers believe that it is easiest and most natural to simply plant cannabis seeds directly into the soil in which they will grow and thrive. If you choose to use the soil germination method, remember that you should always keep the potted seeds indoors. Seeds planted outdoors will have very little chance of germinating, as the environment is too uncontrolled. The benefit to planting seedlings directly into the soil is that you will not have to transplant them after germination. The transplant process can be a shock to a young plant’s root system, and some people have difficulty nursing a cannabis seedling through this process.

Wherever you live, the springtime is when you see incredible plant growth and new, green life sprouting up all around you. The key to successful cannabis seed germination is to replicate a spring-like condition for the seeds, inducing them to vegetate. This means that seeds should be moist but not soaked, and warm but not hot.

Check daily to see if your seeds have sprouted roots (when one does immediately transfer to a grow medium) and add small amounts of water in order to keep moist. This is also true if you germinate seeds in a piece of cheesecloth, rockwool, oasis cubes, etc or medium other than paper towels.
Once the seeds sprout and a white shoot sprout emerges about a quarter inch, transplant root down into your soil or grow other grow medium. (Transplant them into the progressively larger containers.) Handle it very very carefully, preferably with tweezers and make sure you do not touch or break the tip. Try to minimize the delicate rootlet to prolonged intense light or air. Bury the germinated seed with half an inch of planting medium covering it with the white root tip pointing down. If using rockwool simply pre-drill a .5” hole and place the germinated seeds inside it with the white root tip pointing down. Cover it with one-half inch of moist rockwool. Keep the rockwool evenly moist.
Note: Try and transplant the seeds into the same substance they were sprouted in. This GREATLY minimizes the chance of the all-to-common problem of transplant shock.

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Comment by Ted Joneson September 17th, 2019

It is important to understand that during a seedlings growth a lot of activity is happening “behind the scenes”. This means that in this growth phase the seedling is primarily focused on developing a root system while above-ground growth appears slow. New growers often think they are doing something wrong so they tend to over-water or over-fertilize at this point. Little do they know the plant is speedily right on track.
The new developing fragile root system requires an optimum constant supply of water and warmth. Too much water and you will drown and rot your roots. Too little water and your fragile root system will dry up.
The seedling growth stage lasts for about two to three weeks after seeds have germinated.

Transplanting Seedlings

The Method:
Step 1. LIGHTLY chip/scarify outer seed coat in one place. Emphasis on lightly because if you do it too roughly it will ruin a perfectly good seed.
Step 2. Dampen paper towels and place seeds on it. Either fold or roll it up so that its pressing against the seeds.
Step 3. Put paper towels with seeds inside into an air-tight plastic container.
Step 4. Place in a warm location (i.e. on top of a TV set, VCR, or refrigerator).
Step 5. Open every 12 hours to allow oxygen into the container and check on the seeds. Most should germinate in about 24 hours, but there may be a few that need a bit longer.

As the seedlings mature, remove any sickly, male, and underdeveloped plants from your garden. Focus your attention on caring for the strong female plants that have the potential to create for you a massive rich harvest. The next step is to select the best mother plant for the cultivation of super clones.
Cannabis seeds need only water, heat, and air to germinate. They do not need fertilizer, extra hormones, or any light (right now). All the plant needs at this time is contained within the tiny seed.
Properly germinated seeds (ideally strong, mature and under a year old) will sprout in 2-7 days when kept moist at 70-90°F (21.1-32.2°C) with pure water.

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Some seeds can take up to 12 days to start germinating, but most will germinate between 24 to 72 hours. The general time frame as mentioned above is 2-7 days. Be patient and give your precious seeds a chance to sprout!

There are many different ways of germinating seeds, depending on the growth environment. For example, if you are growing marijuana hydroponically, you can germinate the seed directly on a small piece of the media that will be used in your hydroponic garden, such as rockwool.
Note: If you’re a first time grower and you bought for example 10 seeds, for your first time start off with only germinating 3 for the first week, then once you get the hang of it, go for all of them.