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what happens when you smoke weed stems and seeds


The most challenging part of making paper is first making a vat. This can be pantyhose stretched over a wire armature, or old fly-wire screen stapled to a wooden frame. The idea is to have a flat, permeable surface that will let the water in the pulp drain away.


It might sound unconventional at first, but remember that hemp is one of the main alternatives to wood-based paper. Considering that, stem-based paper is far from odd, albeit a bit coarse.

Then, in a blender, combine an equal amount of stems and regular paper. Add enough water for the mixture to move and blend freely. When the mix is a slurry with minimal bits left intact, pour it out evenly onto the vat. Gently shake the vat until the pulp is evenly spread. If you’re making a larger piece of paper, you’ll need a squeegee to get things even. Leave this to drain and dry. After 24 hours, gently peel your paper away and hang it out to dry. Trim to your needs, and enjoy!

The possibilities get even wider, though, if you’re a home grower with even more stems lying around. When you strip trunks and main branches of their much longer fibres, you can start making decorations, baskets, and even yarn if you work at it long enough!

Once the mixture is a slurry with fewer bits remained unpulverized, evenly poured out into eh deckle. Lightly vibrate and shake until the pulp is smoothly spread. Drain it and let it dry. Wait for 24 hours, lightly take off the paper away, and suspend to thoroughly dry. Cut according to your requirements. Whether you like to make a stem butter, stem oil, stem tea, or stem paper, stems can be effectively reused. You do not have to throw them away just because you are advised not to smoke them.

Nevertheless, the bud possesses a lot of psychedelic elements that grant the blissful high experience which the stem is not able to provide. Consuming the weed stem is the same as smoking sandpaper – it is relatively impractical.

Normally, the buds of a hearty plant can possess a THC concentration that is as much as 30 percent. The leaves may only have around 3 to 5 percent. While the stems, on the other hand, have even less. That is the detailed way of telling you that you will not get high if you smoke cannabis stems. There is very minimal THC in them that it is not even worthy of your effort.

Stem Paper

However, some of you are curious to know – can you smoke weed stems? Unfortunately, you might find the answer unfavorable to you for the simple reason that smoking the weed stems is a horrible idea. You should know by now that it is an awful idea that will never provide you high. This is because the levels of THC in the weed stems practically do not exist.

The marijuana stem tea can be the best way to reuse the cannabis stems. However, reusing stems is not only limited to making tea. Stem oil can also be done. You may also do it using the other parts, like the buds. Stems shall cut down their strength; however, it is still more ideal than storing them. Secure a container of isopropyl alcohol and crush the marijuana stems until they turn to powder.

Butter made from marijuana stem is also a better alternative than smoking cannabis stems. If you have tried making cannabis butter before, you would know that this is alike, only that this time you will require the use of weed stems. Butter is quite less potent; however, anyone would agree that it is still worth trying. Dissolve a regular butter in the pan. Place nicely ground weeds, stir for around 45 minutes and place it in the fridge.

The fact is that smoking anything is a destruction to the lungs. When you breathe in the smoke from an ignited dried herb, it is said that you are concurrently breathing in over 100 various toxins – some of these are carcinogenic.