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what happens if you microwave weed seeds

Moore, C. B. and Moore, J. H. (2014) HerbiGuide – The Pesticide Expert on a Disk. 113. 24.1[24.1]. 1-5-2010. Box 44, Albany, Western Australia, 6331, HerbiGuide,

Lsd for “Wet” treatment = 2.06. Lsd for “Dry” treatment = 12.9

Microwaves can be used to control seeds, invertebrates and other organisms in soil. This is especially useful for species such as resistant ryegrass, noxious weeds and snails which initially occur in patches, thus allowing more expensive treatments like microwaving the soil to be used.


Soaked seed (Wet) treatments were analysed using Genstat ANOVA using both the percentage germination and the square root of the percent germination due to unequal variances of the fitted-value plots when using percent germination as the variate. Dry seed treatments were analysed using percent germination as the variate.

Moore (2009) Gorse control in Western Australia (including microwave eradication of seed banks) microwave machines developed by Graham Brodie of University of Melbourne

1 -This work investigated the factors that affected the efficacy of microwaves on annual ryegrass seeds to determine a minimum effective dose for control.

Research into efficacies of baits (see Micic et al. 2013) has found that small conical snails especially immature snails are less likely to take baits than white Italian snails. Consequently, alternative control options for snails are required.

I was just making popcorn and it made me think what other seeds would do if you put them into the microwave. Then I had the idea of putting an extra seed in the microwave. It didn't do anything but start to smell and burnt my finger when I picked it up, but what if it did do something? What if it popped into a little nug just like how popcorn seeds pop into popcorn? Would it be an edible nug and could we just eat it? Could you use some melted cannabutter and flavor it just like popcorn?