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weeds with thick stalks and lots of seeds tennessee

Goosegrass is best addressed with pre-emergent to prevent it and post-emergent treatments for breakthrough.

A lot of unwanted Bahiagrass may require digging it up and utilize selective controls.

3. Dallisgrass

Dallisgrass is another weed that prefers warm, moist areas of the lawn. It will thrive in the summer. This grassy weed is a warm-season perennial grass that grows in coarse, star-like clumps and is deep-rooted. It has a distinct gray-green color.

Are you exasperated by weeds? There’s no question that they can be a major source of frustration. They seemingly pop up out of nowhere and often spread like wildfire.

Dallisgrass can be controlled by post-emergent weed control products but typically takes more than one application as it is a highly aggressive weed.

This is where your decision-making can really make a difference.

Also known as annual bluegrass, Poa annua grows upright and has creeping stolons. This weed generally emerges in the spring but has a long growing season making it difficult to control.

Goosegrass is a summer annual weed that grows well in compacted and poorly draining soil and looks an awful lot like crabgrass. In fact, these two weeds are quite often mistaken for one another. Goosegrass often pops up in areas of the lawn that have been mowed too short.

10. Virginia Buttonweed

While you can take solace in the fact that you aren’t alone—a lot of homeowners in TN and Northern MS are feeling the same frustrations—you likely still want a solution. Though even the best lawns do see some weed breakthrough from time to time, there are steps that can be taken for controlling spring lawn weeds in Memphis, TN and Olive Branch, MS.

As we mentioned, some of these weeds are particularly challenging to control and can be a huge source of frustration. Therefore, working with a lawn care company that can implement a varied weed control approach is going to be an important key to success when it comes to killing spring lawn weeds. That’s because different weeds require different control approaches (including not only how many applications are needed but also what products are used).

This is another amongst the early spring lawn weeds. Fireweed is a broadleaf weed commonly found in thatch in the early spring. Because Fireweed is a cool season weed, it will stop being a problem as soon as the hot summer rolls around.

Like crabgrass, dallisgrass grows in clumps. It sticks out in the lawn because of its bunch-like appearance, coarse leaves and tall seed stalks. Unfortunately, dalligrass is deep-rooted and can be difficult to get rid of.