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weed with white puffball seed texas

Nutsedge is best treated with a post-emergent weed control and spot treatments.

Weeds are a frustrating reality of owning a lawn. You can feel like you’re doing everything right to take care of the grass and they’ll crop up anyway. Not to mention, weeds seem to multiply faster than you can control them. If it’s any consolation, you’re not the only homeowner dealing with lawn weeds in north Texas. But, what can you do about them?

The best control for Dallisgrass is a late fall post-emergent weed control application while it is still actively growing followed by a regular weed control program during the remainder of the season.


Because Dandelion is a perennial, it will keep coming back if you don’t take measures to control it. The best defense is to maintain a thick, healthy lawn and treat Dandelion with post-emergent, selective, liquid weed control.. As with most common lawn weeds in Texas, the best way to prevent Dandelion is to maintain a healthy lawn with thick grass that allows no room for weeds to grow.

Also known as annual bluegrass, Poa annua grows upright and has creeping stolons. It tends to emerge in late summer and persists in fall. Its seeds germinate through fall, winter and spring, which can make this lawn weed difficult to control.

Spurge leaves are oval and oblong, with serrated edges and have a bit of purple or red in the center. This broadleaf weed germinates in late spring and grows throughout the summer.

Known for its tiny white flowers, bittercress is a winter annual weed that emerges in early spring. It is especially prevalent after rainy periods because it thrives in wet ground. Bittercress has a long tap root. The good news is, bittercress is an annual so the plant you eliminate won’t return next season. But, the key to controlling bittercress is catching it before its flowers turn into seed pods that disperse.

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