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weed with seed pod like tomatillo

Grande Verde heirloom variety with large green fruits. Heavy cropping plants produce relatively early harvest.

Companions Marigolds and nasturtiums to attract pollinating bees. Basil, mint, chives, sage, parsley, garlic to repel insect pests. Capsicums, carrots, onions and brassicas grow well next to tomatillos.

Tomatillo Salsa

Tomatillos can keep for weeks on end when stored in a dry, ventilated container in or out of the fridge. All parts of fruit – apart from husk – are edible. Tomatillos can be frozen whole or chopped. Wipe off sticky residue on skins before using.

When weather has warmed sufficiently and there is no longer any risk of frost, seedlings can be planted out in the garden. Plants should be spaced a single stride apart. Soak them in water before planting them.
Prepare the planting area. Soil should be weed-free and well dug through to at least a full spade’s depth. Place plant in a hole that is just larger than the container it came in. Back fill around root ball making sure there are no air pockets. Water well.
If planting in a container use standard potting compost enriched with rotted compost or manure that should help to provide essential nutrients and hold onto some moisture after watering. It is still important to ensure containers have drainage holes and do not collect water.

Purple heirloom variety with striking deep purple fruits with pale greenish flesh that tastes sweeter than green varieties.

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Sophie profiles the tomatillo fruit.

SERIES 32 | Episode 02

Physalis sp. is an environmental weed in some parts of Australia.