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No types are immune to poison or bad poison, but Pokémon with the Poison Boost or Steady Special Traits cannot be poisoned or badly poisoned, and those with the Reflector Trait will cause the user of the poison-inflicting move to become poisoned or badly poisoned instead if hit by one.

Poison damage is now taken at the end of each turn, regardless of whether a Pokémon faints.

A Pokémon has a 30% chance of being poisoned after making contact with a Pokémon with the Poison Point Ability, and a 9% chance after making contact with a Pokémon with Effect Spore. Poison Touch has a 30% chance (20% in the Japanese versions of Pokémon Black and White) of poisoning the target when the user uses a contact move. A Pokémon can also be poisoned if it directly poisons a Pokémon with the Synchronize Ability.

In the spin-off games

In A Tale of Ninetales, Red’s Pikachu named Pika, while under Blue’s ownership, used Toxic to badly poison a wild Ninetales that Blue was trying to catch.

In Generation V, the poison status condition icon for badly poisoned Pokémon has dark purple characters instead of white; in Generation VI, both the icon and text change color.

In Generation V, a poisoned Pokémon glows purple while in battle; from Generation VI onward, a poisoned Pokémon continuously releases bubbles of poison from its body.

If a Pokémon has Merciless and hits a poisoned target, it will score a critical hit.

Перья (Здоровья, Мышц, Сопротивления, Гения, Умное Перо, Быстрое Перо, Милое Перо) – Перья теперь удалены из дропа, но все еще существуют. Мы можем использовать их в будущем, поэтому позвольте им выпасть из ротации.

Мяты (Обычная Мята, Мята Непреклонности, Мята Непослушности, Мята Смелости, Мята Наглости, Озорная Мята, Мята Распущенности, Мята Спокойствия, Мята Скромности, Мята Мягкости, Мята Стремительности, Мята Тихости, Мята Мирности, Мята Нежности, Мята Осторожности, Мята Нахальности, Мята Робкости, Мята Поспешности, Веселая Мята, Мята Наивности, Мята Серьезности)