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weed that spreads by sticking seeds in hosts

Your socks play a significant role in distributing the seeds of Palmer’s grappling hook to other places for future germination.

The plant is drought resistant and low-growing, reaching a height of 0.6 -0.9m. The leaves are ovate and gray, blending in with the stems.

2. Hedge Parsley (Torilis arvensis)

Common burdock is the other weed that likes to catch a ride on people’s clothing spreading long distances. It’s a nuisance plant you will find growing in pastures and degraded places in many parts of the US.

The surface of their fruits is covered in bristles that contain hooks. This makes them attach to clothing and passing animals for dispersal.

It’s an annual weed with species that can grow up to 50cm high. The plant is grassy, which makes it blend easily with turfgrass.

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