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weed that looks like clover with sticky seeds

In this post, we’ll tackle two more common spring weeds: Sticky mouse-ear chickweed and clover.

Clover is best controlled before it reaches 3 to 4 inches in height. Once it reaches this height, herbicides may burn the plant, but it typically regrows.

Sticky Chickweed

It’s easy to identify Sticky Mouse-ear chickweed in lawns (pictured above). This annual weed stands erect has small white flowers, and hairy stems and leaves. You’ll always see it bunched together, and it can form a dense mat almost in the area of your lawn.

Clover is a very common and recognizable weed. It can be challenging to get under control if left unattended.

There doesn’t exist a broad-spectrum pre-emergent to prevent broadleaf weeds from emerging. The best defense is a healthy, thick lawn. Then spot spray weeds when they emerge. As you can see, every weed is a bit different. Just because it’s easy to kill and manage one weed doesn’t mean it’ll be as simple for another. And just because some lawns in your neighborhood don’t have chickweed or lots of clovers, doesn’t mean your lawn won’t.

"Weed" isn't a botanical term like conifer or deciduous or perennial, words that mean something specific. "Weed" is a subjective term but generally can be considered as an unwanted plant in the wrong place. Weeds are usually wildflowers or plants with insignificant blooms or ugly foliage, in contrast to the prettier wild flowers or cultivated and showy flowers we grow in our gardens. (It's interesting to note that many cultivated flowers self-seed or propagate themselves in other ways so readily in our flower beds, that they can eventually become a nuisance and earn the title "weed" themselves.)

I've only covered a tiny proportion of common weeds that occur worldwide, but there's likely hundreds more that are specific to whatever continent you live in. For more info, try a weed app, specific to your country. Typical weed ID apps are:

List of Common Weeds, With Photos

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