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weed strain orient express seeds

The aroma of Orient Express is spicy with hints of lemon, and pine. The sticky and dense buds of the Orient Express are covered with trichomes and coated in orange hairs. The smoke is extremely smooth, with a spicy and woody flavor.

Orient Express by Anesia is a sativa dominant hybrid cross between the famous Ghost Train Haze #1 and Black Thai.

Growing Orient Express

This strain delivers both the heady euphoria of Sativa and the heavy body stone of an Indica. This strain sharpens your senses while its relaxing your body. This is an extremely strong weed, so inexperienced smokers should proceed with caution.

Orient Express seeds produce plants of medium height with green and dark green leaves and dense, heavy buds covered with tons of resins and orange hairs. This strain can be cultivated outdoors (especially in warm climate) but delivers indoors best results and impressive yields. It can be cultivated in soil or with hydro growing and should be grown using the scrogging method. The flowering time is 9 to 10 weeks, outdoors best harvest time is begin till mid of october.

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This strain is highly recommended for lovers of Asian Sativas. It produces long colas completely coated with resin glands. It grows compact and branchy, with short height. The flowering period lasts around 9 weeks flowering (plants may demand heavy feeding at this stage).

Its deep, organic scent takes you to a forest full of life, with intense earthy flavour and floral notes.

Its effect is clear and pleasant, typical of Sativas that don’t cause paranoia or anxiety. This stain is perfect for chatting and enjoying the company of friends.