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weed seeds durham

North Carolina has a humid, subtropical climate, for the most part, making it an ideal place to grow weed outdoors. With medium-high temperatures, you can readily germinate your marijuana seeds in North Carolina .

There’s a catch, though.

Climate conditions for outdoor growers

Consider options like feminized Blueberry x OG Kush 4 seeds or Regular Agent Orange 4 seeds , and pinch yourself. i49 offers the best genetics and only orders from the most trusted seed banks.

We suggest an indoor setup when growing weed seeds in North Carolina.

Insects are also more prevalent in warm, muggy conditions, so you might need to take precautions to protect your crops. If you’re an organic or veganic grower, diatomaceous earth and mesh cages are your best friend.

You can view our full range of cannabis seeds below.

If you’re looking to buy your next batch of cannabis seeds in Durham then you have a very limited number of options, two to be exact! There is currently only one local seedbank within the area with a small selection of stock that includes around 10 different breeders. If you really want to keep your purchase offline then you can make do, but most people prefer a wide choice of strains. For those people, it is better to buy cannabis seeds online from a website such as ours.

If you’re going to buy marijuana seeds in Durham, you want to make sure you find a reputable dealer who specializes in providing high-quality products. We are unable to comment on the reputation of the local seedbank as we have not heard much about them. But if you head on over to the Durham Market then you will find the seedbank on the right hand side about half way down.

If the selection does not satisfy you then your only choice is to use an online website for your order. It’s important to remember that online companies are selling seeds for legal use only, in the UK this means you are only allowed to collect them, not grow them. If you’re looking to grow cannabis plants legally, you need to move to a different country where cultivation is legal!