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weed seeds downtown portland

Try a sample 5 pack of mixed OG Kush free marijuana seeds , simply Contact Us and a Rep will explain the short process required to receive our promotion.

Our growers follow a very simple cultivation process. Depending on the strain, marijuana plants take approximately 10-14 days to root well.

Together We’ll Grow Far

The Strainbank offers the best Portland clones to medical marijuana patients since 2009. We have many strain varieties in Oregon and our aim is to provide the most discrete & convenient experience when you buy cannabis plants or marijuana seeds in Portland for sale online.

After 2 – 3 weeks, our teens grow to become 8″ to 18″ tall under LED lamps.

To avoid dehydration and nutrient deficiency, mature Portland marijuana plants are transplanted into a larger growing mediums, i.e. coco & soil containers, rockwool cubes or hydrotin pots.

To all the Dad’s out there – thank you for all that you have done and continue to do.

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Soil-to-oil craft cannabis for the most fluid elevated experience tailored for the seasoned enthusiast.

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