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If citrus fruit is your thing, Tangie feminized marijuana seeds are right up your alley. Delivering a potent dose of creative and clear-headed energy, this high-THC strain is perfect for patients struggling with mental health disorders like anxiety and depression. Tangie requires an experienced hand, and intermediate to master growers should have no trouble with this fragrant strain.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the pleasant, tropical aroma from Somango marijuana seeds. This indica hybrid feels like a blissful vacation for the mind as it fills your head with happy thoughts and relieves depression. It’s also used to combat mood disorders and anxiety.

Tangie Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Come on, who dosn’t like ice cream? The aroma of Cookies And Cream marijuana seeds smells exactly like the sweet treat with notes of vanilla. The high of this strain feels focused, productive, optimistic, and cheerful. Perfect smoke for a day at the office.

Far from ruining your waking dreams, White Nightmare marijuana is an easy to grow marijuana strain delivering unrivaled happiness and creativity that will get you through the day with a smile.

Unfortunately, recreational marijuana is still illegal in Maryland; however, medicinal marijuana was legalized in 2014. While Baltimore residents may not be legally allowed to possess or grow marijuana plants, you can still buy seeds! Generally considered novelty items or adult souvenirs, ungerminated seeds like the ones from Pacific Seed Bank are legal to buy and own. Want to help make Baltimore catch up to more progressive states by legalizing marijuana? Email or call your representatives and lawmakers, and get out and vote!

While you can’t see the real northern lights from the Davis Planetarium you can easily grab the northern lights weed and do a heck of a job pretending. This classic indica strain will provide a dazzling and mysterious display of mood-altering sky art that will make you think those are the real northern lights. With an indoor flowering time of 7-8 weeks this harvest will spring up faster than you can say “where the lights at?”

Feminized seeds are designed to produce only female plants. This is done through some amazing science, not unlike the phenomenal work done at John Hopkins University or the Maryland Science Center. You might wonder why an all-female cast in your grow operation is a good thing? Female plants are responsible for the big, robust, cannabinoids that cultivators are after. Since the purpose of growing cannabis at home is to get as many buds to smoke as possible then an all-female line-up, like the all-female Charm City Roller Derby, is going to be a smash hit!

Whether you want the white seeds or something a little more harmonious, make sure to come see us at I49 Maryland.

What Cannabis Strains Grow Best in Baltimore?

Walking down the streets of Hampden or Fells Point and you will notice some stunning landscaping and gardens. This will undoubtedly get your inner green thumb to poke its head out. You race home and jump on Youtube for some DIY planter boxes and then you remember that you need something to grow. Growing cannabis at home is going to be the next big thing after the Baltimore Cronut Craze. Autoflower seeds might be the best fit for your garden due to privacy and space issues, or maybe you have ample space and all you want are the cannabis seeds sativa. Whatever you are after, at I49 Seed Bank we have everything you need to buy cannabis seeds in Baltimore, Maryland.

The wedding cake strain plant will give you a sweet, vanilla flavor that will have you begging the Charm City Cakes ladies to put some in the cake for your big day. It has a potent THC level and is one of the all-time favorite indica strains. It has an indoor flowering time of 8 weeks and will bring you a sense of calm as you plan those nuptials.

So, you’ve just tumbled down a couple of rows at Camden Yards going after that home run ball. You will be feeling that for the rest of the week! Traditionally people have turned to painkillers or synthetic options. Luckily for you, cannabidiol or CBD for short, is here to save the day. Mounting research and evidence shows that CBD seeds offer many healing and therapeutic benefits without any of the psychoactive properties of THC. This will get rid of those aches and pains of the fall but unfortunately will not be able to repair the damage to your pride.

If you are wanting the best outdoor cannabis strains, you’re in luck! If you want to know what seeds will grow in Baltimore, come check us out at I49 online cannabis seed bank.