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weed seeds australia 2021

Living in Australia and planning to buy cannabis seeds to start your own grow? We have more good than bad news. Cannabis seeds are still a delegate subject in Australia. Yet, since 2020 there are positive changes to be noticed in the Australian politics as recreational cannabis has been legalized with Australia’s capital Canberra in the lead. Having said that, cannabis and cannabis seeds are still not welcome in most states. Fortunately there are still seed banks out there that ship to Australia. But what are the best seed banks to use in Australia and how secure is shipping to Australia actually?

Being an Australian resident, buying cannabis seeds can be exciting. After all, you want your seeds to reach Australia safely and be delivered at your address. Fortunately, you are largely in control of a successful delivery. It starts with finding a reliable seed bank that has proven experience in shipping to Australia and offers guarantees.

Your Seed Bank Australia Guide 2021

Currently there are several seed banks that are successful in shipping to Australia but how to choose a seed bank? There are a few points of interest where you should pay attention to:

Weedseedsexpress has been sending cannabis seeds to Australia since the end of 2016 and grew strongly due to successful deliveries in 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021. Nevertheless, it’s important let you decide from whom you buy your cannabis seeds online. That is why we provide a comparison table with which you easily compare the seed banks.

Tip: check all our

Yes, if you place an order, seeds will probably arrive – but from a seed bank in Europe and NOT Australia.

Under this scheme, WA Police may issue a CIR notice to a person that meets these requirements:

They can also choose not to do this, depending on how their discussions with you go.


Possessing, using, or growing lower amounts will result in a maximum penalty of up to 100 units, or $17,200, and 4 years imprisonment.

However, it’s still an offense to:

Other important things to remember about the CIR:

As long as you live in a tolerant state and are not ordering huge amounts of seeds, it’s very unlikely you would be prosecuted.

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Green House Seed Company is a leading cannabis distribution company, they founded in 1985 in Amsterdam. This company is very popular in the cannabis community and they have a very wide popularity. Green House Seed Company has a worldwide distribution network and they aim to bring cannabis seeds closer to more cannabis enthusiasts.

#5 (Amsterdam Seed Bank) Barney’s Farm – Most eclectic and exciting collection of cannabis seeds

Crop King Seeds currently has many incentives for customers to buy seeds for two days, April 20th and 21st. When paying, enter code CK420 to receive a 20% discount, and enter 5FREE to receive 5 seeds free.

There weren’t too many serious problems related to i49 Seed Bank’s customer service and shipping. They pack the seeds carefully and deliver them at the right price.

Barney’s Farm is today’s leading cannabis breeder and their reputation doesn’t stop with Amsterdam. They are always working to create new and exciting cannabis strains for the global cannabis community and contribute to the diversity of the ecosystem.