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There are various different stories as to how this particular date came to be so important to marijuana fans, but the general consensus is that a group of high school pot-smokers called the Waldos agreed to meet at 4.20pm. They’d heard that there was an untended marijuana crop hidden deep in a local forest and – treasure map in hand – they set off to try and find it. The rest, as they say, is history – and 420 has been cemented in cannabis folklore ever since.

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By putting the two together, the breeders have created 420 weed seeds very special indeed. The resulting offspring has THC levels that reach as high as 24%. One thing’s for certain – you may very well be seeing little green men in the sky once you try Alien Gorilla Glue!

Auto AK47 Fem

A unique plant turning out bright green flowers that are glistening with resinous trichomes.

April 20th – or 420 – is officially ‘Weed Day!’ It’s a date that all cannabis aficionados like to underline in their calendars, and at i49 we’re here for all your 420 seeds requirements.

Buy this strain for a potent, resinous plant that has an amazing fruity taste. You can enjoy 10 weeks from seed to harvest from this auto feminized strain.

Very potent THC levels that affect the user in both mental and physical realms with sativa-like creativity and euphoria.

Currently, ILGM has a preferential program to buy 10 seeds, get 10 free seeds, customers can choose any popular feminine strain or any autoflowering strain from them. This sale will end soon, so you should quickly place an order to get this great deal.

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#4 Dinafem Seeds

The sinkers seeds need to be buried into the growing media for their germination. The 420 seed bank advises to use Cocopeat or Coco coir for this purpose. The growing best Marijuana seeds have 4 basic requirements. i.e. moisture, heat, air, and a dark place. The simplest and a professional approach is to soak seeds in water before putting them into coco coir as you did for the Floating test. Nursery tray or a 4 inches pot is best for a single seed. Fill the pot with growing media and place these seeds 2 cm deep into the media. Apply sufficient moisture on the surface and cover it with a dark shield. Place them in a dark place by maintaining a temperature between 70-90°F and apply little moisture daily. It will start sprouting after 3 days and the entire sprouting process may take 7 days but more than 80% germination must complete after 5th day.

Royal Seed bank contributes some 600+ Cannabis strains that come right from the top 10 reliable seed banks of the world. The home growers interested in high yields, bigger harvests, bigger buds, and fantastic aromas prefer Royal Seed Bank for the cheapest strains around.
you can visit them online to find the best strains that are well adapted to your hardy zone along with the guideline to grow them, conveniently. They also offer refund policy in case you receive poor quality or damaged Marijuana seeds.

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