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weed seed sauction

Bruce banner male very #3 leaning crossed to future #1.

Test batchesPacks of tenLow price to cover costs of production, just trying to make a name for myself,


The Royal Crown. F1. (Regular)Bakers dozen seed pack (13 seeds). See full description. Multiple packs available, volume deals too, inquire direct.

"PRESSURE" from EXOTIC Genetics

NilaWafer from CANNARADO

The 2 places may be 3 ive seen are dominated by 1 person whos registered 2 minutes away from where I live in UK.

I can see why theres hardly any sellers,less sellers equals more sales for that 1 particular company who ive never heard of in my life,not seen none of the straines reviewed so I suspect they own Breedersbay and a few of them auction places and aint obiding by there own rules which is a shame as they have some tasty sounding hybrids but not backed up by the peoples reviews and at the prices they want its not worth the risk unless your a cash cropper and have plenty of cash which alot of these companies,be it seeds or general hydroponics shops seem to think,I wish we all had money coming out of our arses but its not the case..

That 1 particular company seems to be milking out many different cheese,some dont even make sense nas they sound like they would taste like shit..

His right,
Im pretty sure I checked these auctions out and there mainly owned by guys on Breeders Bay Forum and to even be able to sell sees (not what I want any way) they want alot of test seeds given to forum members which is a long process an is leaving us with hardly any sellers.

Id keep away for a bit,may be if it was a fair auction with sellers seeds tested by people like you and I with good reviews and smoke reports il consider.