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Free Marijuana Seeds

FREE CANNABIS SEEDS….. Yes, these cannabis seeds are free….but, you will be charged a nominal fee for shipping and handling.

What could be better than…FREE CANNABIS SEEDS! Yep, these marijuana seeds are completely free, no cost, and no purchase necessary!


Everybody loves free stuff. And I enjoy giving free stuff away, so here is some more free stuff….Free Cannabis Images, and Free PDF Cannabis eBooks.

These seeds come from the same genetics we sell, so

Just pay a nominal shipping and handling fee.

There are a few ways you could get me to send you a free cannabis seed order with no money out of pocket whatsoever…

If the seeds are not completely dry they should be sent in paper envelopes to avoid rotting in plastic packaging.

Do not bias the samples by collecting seeds from a small number of plants but aim to collect a similar number of seeds from each plant.

Seed samples can be collected from the paddock prior to harvest. Even after harvest, seed heads can usually be found often between the crop rows. For wild oats, brome, barley grass etc. that shed readily, seeds are usually found on the soil surface. Contaminated grain or header screenings can also be sent. We have equipment to separate the weed seeds.

How many seeds?

If resistance is widespread, then collect seeds following a ‘W’ shaped area every 10-20m across the suspected paddock or problem area.

To complete a resistance seed test, about one cup equivalent of clean ryegrass (about 50 seed heads is required. Where there are lots of ryegrass individuals in the paddock don’t collect from only a few, but try to collect 1 seed head per plant.

Please ensure you send sufficient seed to represent the area of interest. Sending more seed is better than not enough.

Alternatively, you may collect seeds from suspect areas.