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7. Place the pots with the marijuana seeds under a fluorescent lamp and give it a little bit of water every day.

While those are the basic requirements, other factors can best get considered depending on the chosen method of germination. We are going to illustrate the different ways of germinating cannabis seeds using the easiest to the most challenging practices of germination.

2. Direct germination

· Place the same plastic dome on a heating pad

· Have a plastic dome ready

The direct germination of ganja seeds is as easy as it sounds. Necessarily, the marijuana seeds will pop after getting subjected to water, where the white tendril will go downwards and start growing.

First of all we want to say there are really a lot of ways to germinate seeds and each one definitely has his/her best way for a 100% succeed …

Daily we reveive the questions like “what is the best way to germinate” or “how do I start germinating”, We know this is for lots of people not an easy thing said…. So we tought to make it as a subject in the next weeks

Under here we show you a video tutorial how to do it .

This is a pretty easy way to do it, you only need a vacuum closeable tupper or what you can find in the kitchen to keep things vacuum, then you take the kitchen paper and you fill the bottom of the tupper with a layer of the paper, then you spray the layer with water from around 23 degrees Celcius until it is wet but not soaken wet .Then you take the seeds and put them slowly and careful on the wet layer with each a good distance between the seeds so they can´t get strangled .then you put another layer of kitchen paper above the seeds so they all are covered and then you also spray this layer wet, but again not to wet (this all to avoid rotten or mold) .You close the tupper and you put it in a total dark place with a temperature around 21 to 24 degrees Celcius.In around 36 to 72 hours you will see the seeds are popped and they can go in to soil for further rooting and growth .

Germinating with Kitchen paper and tupper