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Marijuana and cannabis oil bottles

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Marijuana and cannabis oil bottles

Cycle of cannabis plant growth planting stages of medical marijuana hemp plantation industry concept horizontal copy space

Cycle of a cannabis plant growth .

Let’s go through each stage of growing cannabis in soil. The more you know about the processes the easier it will be to grow good weed at home. This page offers a basic rundown of the entire process. If you require detailed information about any of these stages, please refer to our blog or our beginner’s guide to cannabis cultivation which is free to download (look below the article).

The trichomes of the cannabis buds are where the majority of cannabinoids can be found. These small, tree-like structures also indicate the potency and ripeness of your plant.


During the flowering stage, keep an eye on the relative humidity around the plant.

Optimum Environment for Drying Cannabis:

This photo was taken about 2 weeks after the germinated seed was planted. It another 2 weeks it should be ready to transplant into a larger pot.