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No. All parts of the bindweed plant are poisonous. Do not ingest.

Photo: Quackgrass in strawberry garden.

13 Common Lawn and Garden Weeds

Is Canada Thistle Edible?

As an annual, crabgrass dies at the end of each growing season, usually at the first frost in the fall, and it must produce new seeds every year.

Sure, but grasses are generally not the tastiest weeds out there! That said, crabgrass can be used as a forage crop for livestock and its seeds have historically been harvested as an edible grain.

Black and white drawings. A tool for assisting grain inspectors in seed identification related to grain grading of small oilseeds crops. Text by Karen Bell. Illustrations by Norma Vidal. Edited by Steve Symons.

Previously published as: Handbook on Varietal Identification by Kernel Characters of Barley, Wheat and Small Oilseeds; Part III. by C.H. Owen and M.M. Ainslie: Minister of Agriculture, Canadian Grain Commission; Ottawa, Canada; 1971.

Users should be aware that weed seeds discussed in the bulletin represent a very small number of species of weed seeds that could potentially occur in oilseeds crops. The weed seeds discussed in this bulletin were selected based on being problematic in grain cleaning, end product quality or similarities in visual seed identification to oilseeds crops or other weed seeds of concern.