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weed seed auctions

There is no limitation on how many packs per strain you may buy during a reverse seed auction. Buy as many packs of feminized or regular cannabis seeds at auction prices.

When you bid on a pack, you must check out immediately. If you don’t check out with your pack of cannabis seeds quickly, someone else may check out with them. Seeds are not reserved at the price when you add them to your cart. There are no cart reserves. Adding a pack of cannabis seeds to your cart doesn’t save them for you. Anyone else can still check out with them at any time.

If you miss any of the seed packs here, you can always go to our other seed bank pages and grab packs of premium cannabis seeds at low prices. Sign up for our newsletter for updates on new drops and strains. These cannabis seed auctions are always changing, so check back often.

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Cannabis Seed Auctions – Cannabis seed packs on this page will reduce in price after a predetermined amount of time. When someone decides to buy, the price will reset to full price and start over again. Auctions in reverse are unique to Greenpoint Seeds. Nobody else holds cannabis seed auctions like we do!

Too expensive? Check back in later and see if it fits your budget. But wait too long and someone else will snatch them from your cart!

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"PRESSURE" from EXOTIC Genetics

Rare pack of "Short Stack" from Clearwater Genetics

Animal Cookies X Runtz ( Carnivalia ) Clearwater Genetics FEMS

PRESSURE from Exotic Genetics

This cross is a male bruce banner from the first public seed release very #3 leaning to blue monster a large yielding blueberry x northern lights x g13 cross.

Bruce banner male very #3 leaning crossed to future #1.

The Royal Crown. F1. (Regular)Bakers dozen seed pack (13 seeds). See full description. Multiple packs available, volume deals too, inquire direct.

Test batchesPacks of tenLow price to cover costs of production, just trying to make a name for myself,