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Cannabis passes through a series of stages in its life. The most important of these are the germination, seedling, growth and flowering stages. Each stage brings its own challenges. Novice growers need to be aware of these, to be sure of giving their plants the attention and care that they deserve.

Once the plant produces the full count of leaflets for each new leaf, the seedling stage is over.

1 – Germination stage (1 to 2 weeks)

The leaflets are long and jagged. Initially a leaf has just one leaflet, although a mature cannabis plant will have five to seven leaflets per leaf.

No matter why cannabis is being cultivated, to see with your own eyes how a small seed grows into a bulky plant, which then starts flowering, is a moving experience every time.

Have you ever heard of topping, super-cropping or lollipopping? Using these techniques you can train cannabis or manipulate the shape of the plant. Growers use them to develop stronger plants with more buds. Opinions vary, however, on whether these techniques actually deliver results. They are only necessary for special cultivation methods such as the Screen of Green (SCROG).

( Menyanthes trifoliata )

Meadow-rue, Purple
( Thalictrum dasycarpum )

1. Plants suitable for ponds and wet meadows.

Water plantain
( Alisma triviale )

Reed Canary grass
( Phalaris arundinacea )

A – All (wet, moist, dry)
M – Moist
D – Dry
W – Wet

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