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We recommend you get your free lawn analysis from Lawn Love to find a local provider that works for you.

Weed Man offers many industry-standard services. The company works to build a lawn care program that meets all of your lawn care needs. Some services that Weed Man includes in its lawn care plans include: fertilization, overseeding, aeration, crabgrass control, fire ant control, mole control, and soil pH control. Weed Man also provides additional pest control services, such as mosquito control and perimeter lawn pest control.

Lawn Doctor works a little differently than some of its top competitors, with a focus on customization. Lawn care specialists work directly with homeowners to determine the best course of action for their lawn to create a customized package, beginning with a thorough lawn analysis.

Why We Chose Lawn Love

To get a free quote from TruGreen, call 1-866-817-2287 or fill out this form.

Lawn care innovator Sunday brings a DIY twist to the industry.

Every homeowner wants a gorgeous lawn, but not everyone has the time and energy to put into making their yard picture-perfect. For homeowners who want their lawn to be the envy of the neighborhood but lack expertise and products or don’t have the time to put in the labor, professional lawn care companies are the way to go.

Read on to learn about our picks for the five best lawn care services of 2021.

Freeze Damage looks a lot like random white streaks or bleached out areas. These discolored areas happen when young, tender new growth freezes after a cold snap. This will usually last for only a short period of time before it recovers and grows out.

Keeping your lawn free of leaves has been a fall ritual for as long as any of us can remember.

Seasonal Lawn Care Tips & Advice from Weed Man's Turf Expert, Chris Lemcke

Keep those lawns healthy,

The second thing is avoid overwatering the lawn at this time of year. Some customers with irrigation systems will have them on and watering when it isn’t required. Too much water is a major issue that contributes to the formation of these diseases. Remember: water in the morning and avoid evening watering or mowing when the lawn is wet.

It’s hard to believe we’re already at the end of the August. Every year at this time I always ask myself “where has the summer gone?” Typically by now we start to see some cooler temperatures, especially at night, which does help the turf out immensely. That being said, nothing can help a lawn like cooler days and rain, which we are still waiting for in some areas.

Weed Man offers a whole host of services that will help you transform your underperforming lawn. Let’s walk through several of the key services and why your lawn needs them.

Weed Man St Louis has been providing award-winning results for over 4,500 satisfied customers in the St Louis Metro Area. Bluegrass made a wise decision and partnered with them. Our commercial clients are able to benefit from the Weed Man proven process. This is a value-add for our customers. We utilize the Weed Man process because of its strong track record and ability to produce high-quality results. However, even though you are receiving a Weed Man service, you still receive a single bill from Bluegrass—making it no added hassle for you.

Getting grass to grow can be a bit more complicated than most people realize. If you feel like you’re doing everything right and you still don’t have a thick and thriving lawn on your commercial property, then you might need to make some changes. One of the biggest mistakes that people make when it comes to their lawn is that they don’t focus on its roots. A lawn that doesn’t have healthy roots is not going to thrive—no matter what you do. It’s important to find a lawn care company that focuses on the lawn’s roots and has a proven process in place that has repeatedly produced excellent results. For folks in the St. Louis area, that company is Weed Man St. Louis.

Weed Man Services Your Lawn May Need

If you’re tired of fighting what feels like an unwinnable battle to have a healthy and thriving lawn, then stop fighting it. Hand your concerns over to Bluegrass and Weed Man of St. Louis and let them take over the responsibility for getting your lawn into optimal shape. Not only will you hand off the work, but you’ll also hand off your worries, too. By letting the pros do what they do best, you can get back to focusing on other areas of your property that need attention. Plus, you can reap the rewards of your lawn looking better than ever!