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Often used alongside fertilizer, pre-emergent is not fertilizer itself. Instead, it is an herbicide that works to prevent grassy weed seeds from germinating. The reason that it is used in conjunction with fertilizer is because the latter is an effective carrier agent for the pre-emergent to bind to. This product is often referred to as weed and feed.

When should I apply pre-emergent?

Can I overseed after applying pre-emergent?

Should I add pre-emergent to my newly seeded lawn?

Like many things when it comes to your yard, pre-emergent has seasonality to it. It’s most ideal to apply a pre-emergent herbicide before the temperature of the top 4 inches of soil reaches 55 degrees Fahrenheit for at least 5 days in a row. This translates to daytime highs of the upper 60’s to mid-70s for the same amount of time. We recommend considering a pre-emergent application in the late winter to early spring to maximize its effectiveness.

If you have dormant seeded your yard this winter, begin at step #4.

If you have already applied PREVENT this season, do not overseed in those areas. PREVENT will not allow grass seeds to establish. However, you can make spot repairs after an application of crabgrass pre-emergent, just follow this link to learn more.

1. Mow the Lawn Short

Spread your Grass Pad grass seed with rotary or hand cranked “whirlwind” type spreader. The seeding rates vary based on what type of seed you’re using. A good rule for overseeding is 5-8 lbs per 1,000 square feet for fescue seed, and 2-3 lbs per 1,000 square feet for bluegrass. Extra seed should be applied to any bare ground areas, about double the overseeding rate.

Mid-April (Tax Day): Apply Seed Safe, a crabgrass pre-emergent which is safe to use when over seeding. Seed Safe contains seed starter fertilizer to get that new grass growing strong.

Late February to mid-March – Bring the lawn out of dormancy and have nutrients readily available to young emerging grass plants by fertilizing the entire area with Loveland Golf Course Starter or Renovator.