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weed b gon and seeding

Seeing you’re in northern NJ, it’s a bit early to seed. Wait until early to mid September to lay seed down if you don’t want keeping it alive to be your full time job from now until Labor Day.

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I would remove the large wood chips with a rake, add a few bags of topsoil to level the ground if needed, and then throw some milorganite on the rest of the wood chips. It will speed the breakdown of the chips and improve the soil so it’s ready for seed.

Re: Weed B Gon CCO Questions

I’d like to apply weed b gon CCO but I have a few questions:

I have bad clover, wild violet and ground ivy problems where the pachysandra were.

Here is one area I’m dealing with – was a huge weed patch but I pulled the majority of them and applied roundup yesterday on part of this patch.

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That’s a little harsh I believe. I’m a part time operation I value my customers and this has always been a good one.

Always open to discuss methods/products/etc. feel free to pm me.

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I will work with him as much as possible but I can’t get of schedule since I’m renting the aerator.
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