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weed and seed washdown

This guide was created primarily for use as a reference only and we encourage you to check the local and state requirements for your destination.

Most often, you will only need a declaration. This can be completed by anyone who is either the seller, supplier or the driver, just as long as they have direct knowledge of the steps taken to clean the vehicle. These declarations can be supplied upon request. Please note these will need to be requested prior to pick up.

What’s Involved in a Weed & Seed Wash

There are Weed & Seed Wash bays that are open to the public. These are maintained by the local council of that area.

To be declared and certified, the following areas of the vehicle must be cleaned and inspected. A full checklist is available for download in the resources section below:

In addition to providing advice and best practice principles for pest management, the Land Protection (Pest and Stock Route Management) Act 2002 ensures appropriate regulations are enforced to reduce and prevent the spread of declared plant species.

On top of this, we also have use of a larger facility in Fisherman Island for tracked machinery and equipment exceeding 20-tonnes.

Under the Land Protection (Pest and Stock Route Management) Act 2002, it is an offence to fail to provide a Weed Hygiene Declaration or other written notice before supplying a thing that is, or could be, contaminated with the reproductive material of Class 2 declared plants, such as:

Visual Inspections and Shake-Down Services

First, a visual inspection of the vehicle is made, including the radiator, wheel wells, running boards. We take particular care in inspecting the carpets, floor mats and seats within the cab. Any suspicious seeds are brushed of prior to leaving a site.

If seeds or vegetative materials are found or cannot easily be removed, the vehicle is taken to a designated facility within the core infestation area and procedures under the “washdown” recommendations are followed. The operator must ensure that all personal effects including toolboxes, equipment and clothing are free of contaminants prior to moving offsite.

Our certified inspectors are fully trained to provide washdown services and issue Weed Hygiene Declarations under the nationally recognized AHC21010 Certificate II in Conservation and Land Management. Additionally, we are QGC, Arrow, and Origin Energy certified.