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weed and seed bonus s

Most weed-and-feed herbicides have the herbicides impregnated on a very high-nitrogen fertilizer granule, but timing is important.

– New Orleans, late March.

“No doubt, homeowners like to use weed-and-feed products like Scotts Bonus S, which has atrazine, or some type of granular “trimec” herbicide, such as 2,4-D, dicamba or mecoprop, for their winter-weed problems,” Strahan says.

“Fertilizing this early with high-nitrogen lawn fertilizer or weed-and-feed can contribute to winter kill with a late-season freeze and bring on brown patch disease,” Strahan says. “The best time to apply weed-and-feed in St. Augustine grass and centipede grass is to make them your first application of fertilizer.”

– Baton Rouge/Lake Charles/Lafayette, late March or early April.

But if homeowners are going to use weed-and-feed products, they might as well apply them properly and time them correctly, he adds.

If it is an atrazine-based weed-and-feed like Scotts Bonus S (the package usually will say for St. Augustine grass and centipede grass), the product must be watered in after application. Atrazine works mainly through root uptake so watering after spreading gets the herbicide into the root zone.

I went to Scotts Website and they have this to say for Bonus S and Bermuda.

The guy at the home depot told me I should use this and I went ahead yesterday and spreaded Bonus S on my bermuda grass lawn.


Bermuda don’t usually start really growing till April so you wasted money on Bonus S fertilizer. Sorry. Rule of thumb is to start fertilizing when you start mowing.

And I vote with all the above replies. If you want to fertilize, use fertilizer. If you want to kill weeds, spot spray with Weed-B-Gone 2 weeks after you fertilize.

westchestergrower was correct, most workers at HD or Lowes know nothing about what they are selling, the are there to stock shelves and keep the store clean.
I agree with dougt, no need to worrie, atrazine will not harm bermuda.
In the future I would just use straight fertilizer and spray for weeds with better weed killers such as 2,4-d.