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weed and seed 2 acres

Overseeding. this is best done in May. The key is keeping the soil moist so the seed can germinate. If you have no way of doing this and are trusting mother nature, don’t expect much of your seed to germinate. You also need to put down a starter fertilizer with your seed and the type of fertilizer will depend on the type of seed you’re planting. You also need a layer of peat-moss or at the very least wheat straw to help hold moisture in the soil after seeding.

Aerate the lawn in Mid May in Ga, once the summer grass is awake and going good. Rent a core aerator, not the the spike kind, if you really want to aerate.

Thanks in advance for all the help everyone! Much appreciated.

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Core aerator=no compacting and breaking up the ground and thatch layer. Good.

what kind of grass did you plant?

Now I’ve tried a few times spreading Fertilizer and Grass Seed, etc multiple times, with only little tiny areas showing signs of it working. Mainly, the immediate area around my house (where there is some shade) grows some really nice grass, no complaints there.

Thanks for the replies. Any recommendations for a core aerator without busting the bank? Something I can pull behind my mower? I need to get my yard opened up plenty so it can breathe!

I bought a house with three acre lot last fall. I have about two acres of grass. Do any of you with this much grass actually fertilize or treat for weeds? Just the initial fertilizing with crabgrass preventer would cost me about $250, not to mention the time to apply it all. I can get a spreader to tow behind my riding mower for $30 to $70.

I thought about the need for a riding mower and the time to cut the grass when I bought a multi-acre lot, but I never thought about the extra cost for weed control and fertilizer.

Anyone here treat weeds or fertilize on a multi-acre property?