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walmart weed seed starters reddit

Any tips/advice are much appreciated, thanks!

Testing your soil is not a bad idea. I would not seed right now. It's too damn hot. Your goal now is to get what you have under control and thin out whatever weeds you can. Don't be afraid to get down and hand pull either! In the fall get ready to fill in any holes or low spots, areate and overseed with a nice blend of TTTF and KGB since you mentioned having a lot of shade. Start off fresh in the spring.

Front yard is similar, but not quite as bad. It does have dandelions which the backyard does not. Any tips on what to do to kill off these weeds and keep the grass going would be awesome. Do products like Scott Triple Action which claim to kill the weeds and grow new grass actually work? Also would it be a bad idea to start trying to seed now in July? I'm in Michigan so it's fairly hot and humid right now but my lot gets a lot of shade from the trees.

I'd get a soil test and start fixing the soil over the summer. You can kill the weeds with 2,4d or similar 3 way herbicide, or if you want just kill it all with glyphosate. You can seed it the fall like beginning of September and you'll have a great lawn next year

Thank you for the info! How would I go about getting the soil tested, and then how would I go about fixing it after? Sorry, I'm honestly a complete newbie with this lawn care stuff lol.

Take some dolemite lime and mix it in with the soil and water it heavily several times. I use about 1/4 cup or so for a 8-10 inch pot.Soak it good with water let it sit, soak it again and stir it around, make sure its worked in really nice. Let the soil dry for a day or 2 before moving to the next step.

Wait for the plant to get to the size you want. I recommend no more than a foot tall.

A GOOD ph and tds meter. At least have a ph shaker test. Do not even try without some way of testing the PH. This is the key.

Step 1. Prepare the soil.

Lights. Personally I use 3 90w leds and 2 105w 2700k cfls. The 90w leds I got off ebay auctions paying less than 100 for each. The cfls run 25 dollars at (look for the 68 lumen per watt bulb in the 105 watt section, friggin awesome light for the price). You could use 4 cfls for under 100 dollars and be totally fine flowering 4-5 plants, which is how i started. Each bulb is around 7k lumens and runs cool enough to place within an inch of the plant tops. I added the 90w ufos as i found them over the next year or so.