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2. Crop King Seeds – Fantastic Weed Strain Variety

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Homegrown marijuana has gradually turned into a nice cottage industry where anyone and everyone—in places where consuming the plant’s legal—can cultivate their own strains. But how can you find a trusted seed bank to fit your needs?

Not all seeds are feminized

Their service has also been positively rated and they also have many promotions in place. However, many customers reported that they had planted some cannabis plants that did not have the same characteristics as described by the seed bank.

What is special is that this seed bank only offers organic cannabis seeds. Many customers believe that is why the seeds they receive have a uniform germination rate and the plants grow up healthy, high yielding.

This list will make it possible for both local and foreign buyers to purchase cannabis seeds directly from breeders without middlemen. From there, avoid commercial fraud as well as save additional costs from other retailers.

#17 Amsterdam Seed Supply – Supply Amsterdam’s legendary feminized seeds

I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM) is a familiar name in the cannabis community. They are the seed bank that is widely available not only in Amsterdam but also the growers’ top choice in many regions around the world.

All the cannabis strains at the coffee shop are Boerejongens supplied by Amsterdam Genetics. Of which the White Choco is the most famous cannabis strain. And instead of having to buy it directly, customers can order it on the Amsterdam Genetics website.

In particular, they offer a wide variety of CBD strains and CBD products, which have high medical value so they also help patients suffering from mental health problems.

And besides, Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds also provides free seeds for the value they offer. Delivery time is quite fast and if you are in the Netherlands you will most likely receive your order the very next day.

The Plant Organic has a large range of genetics in their collection which span from the purest landraces to the most prominent hybrids.

The Plant Organic have spent many of these years working closely with some of the top international seed banks which has allowed them to optimize and develop the range you now see available below.

As always, Seed City are very proud to offer the whole range of The Plant Organic Seeds at the lowest prices online!