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vaping weed seeds

How much should u use to make edible ,of avb

I have tried to bake brownies with it and got high-ish.

Good morning Cade,

Smoking vaped weed

Most cannabis lovers agree: smoking vaped weed in a joint, a bong or a pipe does little to excite your taste buds. So why do some people still do it? That’s simple: they want to get the maximum out of their product. Because some of the cannabinoids still remain after vaping, vaped marijuana will still make you high. It’s a bit like still having money left in your bank account after you’ve already spent it. Another potential benefit is less obvious. After vaping, cannabis doesn’t just lose its flavour, but also its typical odour. If you enjoy smoking in public, it is therefore possible to indulge your passion without drawing attention to yourself. Have you ever thought about growing your own cannabis? All you need to do this is a few pots, seeds, light and water. Growing cannabis is fun, saves heaps of money, and in most cases is safer than going to a dealer.

Just smoked my first point from my AVB. I feel about a 5/10 which is fine considering its been vaped already. Taste isn’t great but that’s to be expected.

Laura, you just said what I was thinking! Great to see a fella smoker having similar thoughts!

Thanks again for you comment, and I hope you continue to enjoy the blog!

Vaporizers are portable or desktop devices that allow dry herbs, oils, concentrates, and e-liquids to be heated and inhaled. The difference to smoking is that vaporizers do not burn plant material; instead, vaporizers produce a cloud of vapor. Not only do vaporizers remove the combustion of smoking cannabis, but the vape temperature can be tailored to the user’s tastes, providing a smoother, more terpene-enriched vapor.

Vaporizers require less dried herb for users to experience the same effects, making them an ideal choice for medicinal patients. Recreational marijuana users can also benefit from reduced long-term costs as vaporizers can be recharged and reused without the need for rolling papers, filters, or tobacco.

Convection is when air is heated and passed through plant material. Both methods cause the cannabinoids and terpenes from plant matter to become isolated so they can be inhaled as a vapor. By adjusting the temperature, it is possible to isolate specific chemical compounds—something you cannot do with a joint or blunt.


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Vaporizers work using two primary heating methods, conduction and convection. Conduction is where plant material is heated via direct contact with the heating element. However, the temperature range provided by vaporizers is significantly below the point of combustion, preventing smoke from being created.

Vaporizers fall into one of two major categories: portable or desktop. Each group is then split into vaporizers that accommodate various derivatives of cannabis. These include dried herbs, oils, concentrates, and e-liquids. Each one has unique characteristics, with the decision to use one over the other being a matter of personal preference. All derivatives of cannabis are suitable for recreational and medicinal users.