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uses for weed seeds

With the amount of food products on the market that are genetically modified or factory made, it gets harder and harder to come across natural products. This means that it gets harder and harder for people to fulfill their dietary requirements and maintain good nutrition. Well, without surprise, cannabis seeds work as human food. So, if you are growing your own plants and find yourself with a bunch of seeds, you can go ahead and eat them.

Cannabis seeds can be used for a variety of purposes other than planting. These range from personal to industrial use. And, in fact, humans have been taking advantage of all of these different uses for a long time. The seed of the cannabis plant is more than just for planting more cannabis, although that still is a very good purpose for it. It can be used for fuel, for industrial products, as well as for food. This article delves into 3 of these alternative uses.

Eating a handful of roasted cannabis seeds or hemp seeds every day keeps your body nourished with all the protein and amino acids it could possibly need. They also contain vitamins and minerals that are beneficial to the human body. The seeds of the cannabis plant can be used to treat a range of medical conditions simply by eating them, such as arthritis and for faster recovery after injuries. In fact, cannabis seeds are arguably the most nutritious seeds on the planet for human consumption.

Food for thought!

Cannabis seeds do not just have a nutritional benefit — they actually offer the environment a safer and more efficient solution to a lot of the problems that we are being faced with today. There are so many ways that cultivating cannabis has encouraged the expansion of consciousness in society, and it continues to do so by being one plant with so many different uses. All of its constituent parts have a purpose and a way that humans can use it, and it is no different for the seeds.

The ways to use cannabis seeds for food are endless. Simply by shelling them and grinding them into a sprinkle, they can be sprinkled on toast or fruit. They can be blended into smoothies with a myriad of other beneficial ingredients, or they can be infused into bread or cake recipes. They have a nutty flavour and are a great source of nutrition for the human body.

On the flip side, they’re also good for helping to gain weight (in a healthy way), due to these same exact nutritional characteristics.

Even though they are a vital component of organ health and whole-body wellness, human beings do not naturally produce Omega fatty acids like Omega 3 and 6 – we have to consume them from outside sources.

Ok, so we’ve gone over several of the top health reasons why you should be eating marijuana seeds — but if you want to get on this relatively newfound “cannabis health train,” how do you actually eat them?

2) Can Help You Lose (or Gain) Weight!

Taking into consideration all of the above-mentioned health benefits, consuming marijuana seeds regularly can be an incredible way to prevent disease and promote general health and whole-body wellness.

In this article, we go over 5 key health benefits of marijuana seeds, and why you should be making every effort to establish them as a staple part of your daily nutritional intake.

Were they doing this to get high? No. (Well… maybe some of them were).

Well, it’s really not that difficult – you can eat marijuana seeds raw (i.e. straight from the buds), cooked, shelled, unshelled… pretty much any way your heart desires. They don’t have to be cooked or otherwise processed in order to reap the health and nutrition benefits.