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turf type tall fescue seed no weeds

We look for three basic things when choosing the varieties that go in our grass seed mixes/blends. It must be readily available to us, it must have an excellent history in the NTEP trials (National Turfgrass Evaluation Program), and it must be affordable.


Fall is a great time to seed TTTF. Plant TTTF seed when soil temperatures are between 50° and 65°F. Your air temperature should be around 60° to 75°at this time. The fescue in TTTF seed will germinate anywhere from 4 – 10 days to germinate. Mid August – Mid October is a great time frame depending on where you live in the country and what your soil and air temperatures are. I only recommend spring time seeding when absolutely necessary.

When should you plant TTTF?

GCI Turf Type is a 4 way mixture of high quality Turf Type Tall Fescue.
We became known for having “weed free” grass seed and the new ones are no different. All the new grass seed mixes/blends are 0% weed seed and 0% other crop.


As a cool-season grass, tall fescue is well-suited to northern lawns. But it also has added value in southern transitional turf grass regions where cool-season and warm-season grasses meet their climate limits. Tall fescue offers greater heat tolerance than other cool-season grasses and greater cold tolerance than warm-season grass options for these lawn owners. The result is beautiful year-round lawns in this challenging transition area.

Pest Control

Tall Fescue Basics

Water as needed so your established lawn gets 1 to 1 1/4 inches of weekly water from irrigation and rainfall combined. To stay green during hot summer months in transition regions, tall fescue lawns require more water than warm-season grasses, such as Bermudagrass and Zoysia grass.

Seeding and Overseeding

Start mowing your tall fescue lawn as soon as spring growth begins. Mow as needed to maintain tall fescue’s recommended height of 2 to 3 inches. Bag the season’s first clippings to discourage the spread of snow mold or other fungal lawn diseases.

Early fall is the ideal time to seed or overseed northern and southern tall fescue lawns. Plant Pennington The Rebels Tall Fescue Grass Seed Blend or Pennington Smart Seed Southern Sun and Shade Grass Seed and Fertilizer Mix about 45 days before your typical first fall frost date. This helps tall fescue gets established before winter comes.