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things to do with weed seeds

The older a cannabis seed gets, the harder it is to pop. But hard doesn’t mean impossible. If you’ve been saving your seeds for a rainy day and it finally started pouring, these tips could help you get most, if not all, of your old beans to germinate.

As you proceed through these steps, the risk of damaging your seeds past the point of recovery increases. Between each suggestion, give them a few days to a week to germinate. Allow the outside to dry each time to prevent rot. Do not try all or multiple techniques at once.


Scarification, or scuffing the shell, can also help water pass through an older seed’s tough outer shell.

Keep the water warm, but not too hot. Aim for around 22°C. Avoid direct sunlight, and keep an eye on the glass. Do not soak seeds for prolonged periods, more than 24 hours can deprive them of oxygen and make them drown.

To scarify your seeds, line a matchbox or other small container with sandpaper. Drop the seeds inside, shake vigorously for 30–60 seconds, then remove. You may not notice much of a difference, but the small micro-abrasions are sometimes enough to let water breach the shell and trigger germination.

• Environmental stress: Caused by adverse temperature and humidity levels in your growing environment, or by pests or fungi targeting your babies.

You forgot to take into account those few extra bullets in the barrel; well, now you got them, so you’d better make good use of them! Take this chance to experiment with a different growing setup than what you’re used to. For example, you could try a budget hydroponics setup, or a guerrilla grow, or something else. Go budget, but dare to try some different techniques! The seeds you’re using are “spare” anyways. This will give you a unique chance to learn by experimenting, without the fear of wasting precious and expensive seeds if something goes wrong. It’s a nothing-to-lose seed, so why not use it to learn a new grow technique? The additional benefit: If it goes well, you just grew an extra plant—get ready to harvest!


• Nutritional stress: Caused by excessively high or low concentrations, incorrect pH, wrong nutrients for the growing stage.

Guess what? Cannabis seeds are not only good for humans, but animals too. Your furry or feathered friend will benefit from all the nutrients we just mentioned. Mix the seeds in with their usual food and let their digestive system do the rest. Don’t have any pets? Well, leaving them available for wild birds or rodents in an outdoor feeder will make a lot of passing animals very happy!

Whatever the reason you ended up with some leftover cannabis seeds after your harvest, here are 5 alternative ways to make the most of them, rather than just throwing them out.