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the most expensive weed seed

Unfortunately, all of this hype turned out to be entirely unfounded—probably a mix of false marketing and over-excited cannabis enthusiasts on the receiving end. In 2013, a cannabis testing facility by the name of The Werc Shop obtained samples of this strain and put them to the test. Not only did Oracle not contain 45% THC, but she contained almost none at all.

But what was the catalyst for all of this hype? Well, Oracle reportedly featured two groundbreaking traits that set her apart from almost every other strain in existence. First, rumour had it that her exceptionally resinous flowers produced a gargantuan THC content of 45%.

This mysterious strain grabbed the attention of the cannabis world in 2009. Rumour began spreading that the cultivar could fuel a breakthrough in cannabis potency. The name kept popping up everywhere, from online cannabis forums to real-world events.

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Other strains emerge out of extensive breeding programmes that use expensive equipment, experienced breeders, and start with world-class genetic material. Regardless of their origins, some cannabis strains fetch a far higher price on the market than others.

You don’t need to spend hundreds on seeds to grow high-quality genetics. Although some strains come with a huge price tag, others offer similar traits at a fraction of the cost. Check out the most expensive cannabis strain below—you’re going to be shocked—and some affordable alternatives that exist in the Zamnesia archive.

Not all cannabis strains are bred equal. Some cultivars are the product of casual growers tinkering with genetics in their spare time. Sometimes, this citizen science approach puts out groundbreaking genetics, and other times it falls flat.

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But are these premium seeds worth the money? Well, it depends. Some of them do offer something special, whereas others turn out to be completely over-hyped for the sake of marketing.

Quality cannabis doesn’t come cheap. And just like a bottle of fine wine, some marijuana strains are more expensive than others. High-quality cannabis has humble beginnings as a high-quality seed.

Cannabis seed buyers beware. Marijuana seeds that are priced high don’t always produce the highest quality bud. The cost of cannabis seeds can run from relatively cheap to extremely expensive. And while you might think that the most expensive seeds are going to produce the highest quality harvest, this isn’t always the case.

What Makes a Quality Seed High Quality?

If you’re planning to add Fruity Pebbles to your ganja garden, there are seeds available. They won’t cost you $1000, but they will run you a pretty penny. There’s also always the option of cutting a clone or two if you’re lucky enough to find them.

Fruity Pebbles is a cross between Granddaddy Purple, Tahoe Alien, and Green Ribbon. It’s known to have gorgeous, rainbow-like colors of orange, purple, green, and red, making this strain as welcoming to look at as it is to smoke. It’s got a sweet, tropical scent with hints of berries and citrus.

The most expensive seeds are usually the ones with the strongest genetics. However, cannabis seeds don’t have to have the best genetics in the world to become so costly. Expensive seeds usually cost so much because of their popularity. A strain that wins a Cannabis Cup or two will typically be more expensive than a strain that hasn’t received any awards.

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