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thc bomb weed seeds

THC Bomb seeds are a very famous product made by Bomb Seeds. This marijuana has a strong Indica dominance, it’s easy to grow, with a fast flowering period, which then results in generous yields of nice, high-quality buds covered in heavy leaves. Buy THC Bomb seeds on our website!

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THC Bomb is a strain that can be and is used in medicine to deal with various diseases. Its uplifting effect is perfect for treating stress-related issues or helping people to handle their depression better (though it is not a cure!). It is also very useful when it comes to headaches or lack of appetite. The CBD level in this strain allows it to numb pain in the body.

As stated before, THC Bomb seeds are not the seeds that will bring you any problems while cultivating. This strain flowers really fast – seven to nine weeks, and that’s it. Moreover, THC Bomb seeds have a high resistance to all common types of molds and mildew. The only recommendation one could give here is that if you have decided to cultivate this strain indoors, it may be wise to use the SOG (Sea of Green) method, to help the weed give you the best yield it can. If you do this, your indoor yield will be approximately 3-6 oz. per ft².

Mario Bow – December 8, 2016

THC Bomb; our original signature strain, has created rave reviews around the world. This unique mixture of giant, rock-hard buds with explosive THC levels make it one for commercial growers and connoisseurs alike. Like Big Bud, the harvest will be massive coupled with the power and strength of white strains. THC Bomb has very high levels of THC, well over 20% when grown under optimum conditions. The plant grows with extreme vigour and strength while staying relatively short and finishing very fast for such a large yielder. Outdoors THC Bomb can produce well over 1kg per plant. When ready to harvest the plant will literally be covered in frosty white trichromes. THC Bomb was developed to be something special delivering on every level: yield, strength, taste and speed!