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tall weed with dandelion like seeds

This one falls under the DWC heading. a member of the Aster family that is so ubiquitous it is near impossible to give an accurate name to it. they are in my yard also. we call them Half-ASter weeds.

Dandelions have a milk like substance when broken. Have you broken any to check? I was also thinking it could possibly be in the Asteraceae family. Have you seen any flowers?

Hey Moon, ata girl! I knew our paths would cross sooner or later.

(BTW Taraxacum does not have branched flower stems while Hieracium and Hypochaeris do.)

I’m in a northern suburb of atlanta. The plant is in partial shade. Just enough sun that the bermuda grass isn’t totally dead but enough shade that the bermuda grass is really hurting right there.

But all the dandelions (Taraxacum spp.) look like the common introduced weed dandelion that we are all familiar with, and this plant doesn’t.
Hieracium, Hypochaeris?

I’m trying to identify some of the various weeds in my yard. This is the first on my list. It is fairly short, 8-10 inches. Has simple, alternate leaves which are very narrow. The leaves and stem are hairy. The flowers seem to go straight from closed to a “puffball” sort of thing (like a dandelion) but they are only about 1/4″ in diameter so a good bit smaller than dandelion.

I noticed as well first year they started growing never seen before, but they're everywhere in richmond, california. Most be the Mandela effect or a cross breed from some other plant.

I submitted a picture with my original post and was surprised when it wasn't displayed.
Here is a picture. I'm just under six feet tall and I am looking up to see the top of the plant (see the white door just behind it?).
It is clearly a dandelion. The stems are thicker than my finger. I am afraid it is going to try to eat the house!
Later, I will post a close-up picture of the yellow flowers and the white fluffy ones when they go to seed. Ironically, they are slightly smaller than the normal dandelion flowers. It sounds like I need to call my local agricultural experts.

Ive noticed the same thing here in VT all of the sudden they are almost 6 foot tall ones

I was just looking at a plant like that but not as tall. It has a milky substance when it's broken which is supposed to be a pain reliever. Strong as a drug of some kind that is abused. Can't remember the name, opeum maybe if I spelled it right. I always use dandelion as medicine. It even helps me sleep.

Hardiness Zone: 7a

Would you mind posting a picture of the plant? Doesn't sound like a dandelion, but some other plant species. Only place I can remotely imagine a dandelion growing that tall would be in the rain forest regions and nobody has ever shown one that large.

Monster dandelion, it’s taller than me. How? Why? Please help.