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tall stalky weeds with seed pods

Giant Hogweed by Mbdortmund / GFDL 1.2

This plant is native to central and western China and is often used as a decorative plant in landscaping across the world.

These are ten plants with a tall thick stalk that might pop up in your yard or garden without your allowance. The list could probably go on and on since there are a lot of other weeds that would fit these criteria.

7. Giant Hogweed

Himalayan balsam (scientific name Impatiens glandulifera) is also commonly known as policeman’s helmet, copper tops, gnome’s hatstand, Ornamental jewelweed, Indian jewelweed, bobby tops, touch-me-not, as well as a few other names.

Pokeweed holds a potent toxin, which is extremely poisonous to humans, pets, cattle, and other farm animals. Its fruits look like berries but are also very toxic. However, there are some species of birds and small animals that are immune to this poisonous substance and consume them.

When it matures, paulownia grows into a lovely flowering tree. Yet, during winter, it makes some brown fruits, which many find ugly.

The first thing that can help us to identify this plant is by its velvety leaves. Because of this quality of his, some commonly refer to mullein as “cowboy toilet paper.”

Common garden weeds are a large part of our gardens and need to be identified before they manage to sow seed and multiply. If you do keep a strict and thorough weeding regime and keep the spread of seed to a minimum this particular chore will get much easier as the years go by. You will also find by using a ‘do dig’ method and adding compost and manure to the surface of your garden rather than digging it in you will reduce them amount of dormant weed seeds brought to the surface to germinate.

Seeds are dropped from barely visible pods before you even notice it’s presence. You need to keep your eye out for this one because once present it will multiply very quickcly. Oxalis is often an unwanted passenger in nursery plant pots.

Fat Hen
Fat Hen grows us to 27cm high with broad leaves and small indistinct green/white flowers. Related to tree spinach, fat hen was eaten as a vegetable in neolithic times and is rich in vitamin C.

Seed are set in 8-10 weeks and will germinate in nearly all seasons especially in Spring. Charlock is a fast growing weed of the brassica family and is easy to how when young or easy to pull our if allowed to grow a larger plant. As with all annuals remove before it can set seed or it will become a much bigger problem. Remember as it is a brassica it can harbour pests and disease from that family so needs to be kept out of other crop rotations.

Common Fumitory
Common Fumitory grows to a height of 10 to 40cm on long slender branched stems. The stems support light, feathery leaves and numerous purple-pink flowers.